CRF250R 2017


Racing Improves the Breed

Enhancing the CRF250R 2017 wasn’t easy. But that’s why we race – to improve the breed. For 2017, the CRF250R’s potent engine and pinpoint chassis are armed with track-bred updates straight from the HRC racing team.

Feel the difference.

Improved power and torque for the CRF250R 2017 provides even more performance. At Honda, we’ve honed the CRF250R’s throttle response to a fine point, thanks to revised PGM-FI Dual Fuel settings and a lightweight return spring. The 249cc 4-valve Unicam engine breathes through big-bone twin exhausts, offering added snap out of turns.

Adapt to the track.

The Honda 3-way Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) changes engine character to suit your riding conditions – all controlled via a button on the handlebar. Three engine maps, Standard, Smooth and Aggressive provide differentiating fuel injection quantity and ignition timing. So now you choose how power is delivered.

Air Play

The separate front function AIR (forks) with Triple Air Chamber (SFF-AIR-TAC) front suspension has been developed for the CRF250R 2017 by SHOWA and saves 1.3kg from up spring weight. This latest generation structure allows the air leg to be on the left side, and further improves left/right weight balance for optimised handling. With only 800g weight difference between left and right, CRF250R 2017’s air forks enable advanced adjustability, lightweight machine balance and are remarkably user-friendly.

Custom Ride

The fully adjustable right fork leg controls both compression and rebound damping force while the left leg compresses air using a damper-less structure, which achieves controlled balance, accurate tracking and super-fast reaction over bumps. Three chambers in the left leg manage “spring” rate: the Balance chamber operates at low speed, the Inner chamber is responsible for the mid-range stroke and the Outer Cylinder chamber is used near full compression.

CRF250R 2017 Includes:

    • Engine upgrade
    • £100 deposit contribution

Additional extras available (shown in some of the pictures):

  • GMX alloy tank with factory filler (£575)
  • Red ROCS triple clamps & adjustable bar mounts (£499)
  • Black ROCS triple clamps & adjustable bar mounts (£499)
  • RFX front holeshot and PHM rear holeshot (£199)
  • RFX Honda racing clutch cover and RFX “forged in red” clutch lever (£199)
  • AXP rad brace, Horley rad cover, UFO handguards (£349)

We accept part-exchange, can provide nationwide delivery and offer a 0% finance option.

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